VII. Biatorbágy Salon - Rules

flag enflag huOrganized by: Biatorbágyi Fotóklub Egyesület (Biatorbágy Photo Club)


1. Entry is open to all photographers, amateur and professional, worldwide.

2. A maximum of 4 photographs per author may be submitted to each section.

3. All entries must be uploaded as a digital image (jpg, Color space: sRGB) to site.

4. Image size 2500 pixels. The file size of the image must not exceed 3 MB. (The applicant must have a 3800 pixel version of the image, because in case of remuneration in this size prompted the organizers.) The images in the exhibition, the organizer club printing to 30 × 20 cm in size.

5. The file name is arbitrary (because the system renames the files), but only English alphabet letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores can be used.  Title of the picture: max. 40 characters.

6. There should be no indication in the pictures and the title that refers to the author

7. When uploading a photo, in the Biatorbágy (C) category, in the Comment window, please specify the location of the images or the binding of Biatorbágy.

8. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as his own (aliases are not permitted). The exhibition assumes no liability for any misuse of copyright. It is a condition of entry, that permission is given to store information from the entry.

9. Entries not following this instructions, will be disqualified without refund of fee.

10. The organizer may use the images freely, without the application of copyright for the appropriate promotion of the exhibition (press, exhibition catalog, photographers internet sites). The photos were posted on the club website ( and in the exhibition catalog. (This may include low resolution posting on a website.)

11. Entries will not be judged without an entry form, available on the website together with the full payment of entry fee.

12. The jury is two rounds. 1: The scoring of the pictures to be displayed. 2 .: Decision on prizes. The judges decisions are irrevocable.

A. General - Color
B. General - Monochrome
C. Biatorbágy (Color or Monochrome). The images express the "Biatorbágy mode" of photography instruments. Biatorbágy category includes Biatorbágy and twin towns (Herbrechtingen, Gyergyóremete, Kiti, Alistál, Nagydobrony). The entry form comment section a short description of where the "Biatorbágy" category called image made of or how it relates to the settlement. The organizer asks the artists to interpret the competition versatility.

1.    Papp Elek EFIAP/d2, MFIAP, E-MAFOSZ/p
2.    Szabó Béla, EFIAP, E-MAFOSZ/g, ES-MAFOSZ
3.    István Kerekes, EFIAP/d2, A-MAFOSZ/p

Entry fee:
•  The entry fee of 2000 HU Ft for both sections.
•  Bank transfer: K&H Bank Zrt. 10403208-50526572-85771002. (Note: the Authors name, and „Competition 2018”.)

General sections:
•    I–III. and excellent : Book
Biatorbágy section
•    I.: 30 000 Ft cash and book
•    II.: 20 000 Ft cash and book
•    III.: 10 000 Ft cash and book
•    Excellent image: book
Best of Author: 50 000 Ft cash and MAFOSZ plaque

•    Closing date for entries: 10th September 2018–25th September 2018
•    Report cards mailed: 1st November 2018
•    Send large files: 5th November 2018.
•    Exhibition opening, awarding ceremony: November 2018, Biatorbágyi Faluház, 2051 Biatorbágy, Baross Gábor str. 1.

Biatorbágy Város Önkormányzata (Municipality of Biatorbágy), MAFOSZ (Association of Hungarian Photoclubs), Biatorbágyi JFMK (Biatorbágy JF Cultural Centre), and Biatorbágy Kultúrájáért Alapítvány (Biatorbágy Cultural Foundation).